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Title Start Date Institution Format About
Bilingual Customer Service SkillsOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Online Live (synchronous)
Graduate Certificate in Business For School LeadersOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)Hybrid
Business Professional Essentials (61-106-1)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
Coaching for Excellence Digital Badges and Certificate Program2023-09-13Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Customer Service SkillsOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Online Live (synchronous)
Dietary ManagerOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Digital MarketingOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Online Live (synchronous)
Entrepreneurship CertificateOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Graduate Certificate in Applied Machine LearningOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)Online Live (synchronous)
Harvest Food & HealthOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Health Humanities Digital Badges and CertificateOpenAlverno CollegeOnline Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Healthcare Customer ServiceOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Hunger, Environment & Nutrition (HEN) BadgeOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
IT CiscoOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
IT Cloud/AutomationOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
IT CodingOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
IT CompTIAOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
IT Desktop / NetworkingOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
IT Windows ServerOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Leadership Essentials (61-196-4)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Managing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the WorkplaceOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Medication AssistantOpenWaukesha County Technical CollegeIn-person
Nail TechnicianOpenWaukesha County Technical CollegeHybrid
New Product DevelopmentOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Nursing AssistantOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Nursing Assistant (CNA)OpenWaukesha County Technical CollegeIn-person
Pivot Your Skills: Leading for the Future2023-01-10Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Pivot Your Skills: Leveraging the Power of Data2023-01-10Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
PMP® Boot Camp: Intensive Test Prep Plus Study Strategies and ToolsOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Live (synchronous)
Project Management CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
Python Programmer Badge and Applied Computing Certificate2023-08-30Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Real Estate Brooker AssociateOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Real Estate SalespersonOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Sales/Customer Service ExperienceOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Six Sigma Black BeltOpenWaukesha County Technical CollegeHybrid
Six Sigma Green BeltOpenWaukesha County Technical CollegeHybrid
Social Media MarketingOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Urban Early Childhood Outdoor Preschool Environmental Education Program (EC2023-09-05Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Web Design FundamentalsOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Tax Preparer Assistant (61-101-2)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
Payroll Assistant (61-101-3)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
Receptionist (61-106-3)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Small Business Accounting (90-101-1)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
Personal Financial Planning (90-101-2)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Post-Masters CertificateOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)In-person
Project Management – Advanced CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
Trauma Counseling CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Solution-Focused Business Professional Certificate2024-10-27University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
EMDR Therapy Basic Training CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
AODA Clinical Supervision CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
Family Mediation Certificate2024-04-17University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) In-person
Healing Focused Care CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) In-person
Digital Marketing CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Live (synchronous)
Social Media Manager CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Pivot Your Skills: Non-Profit Management2023-01-10Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Business Administration CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
Pivot Your Skills: Operations 2023-01-10Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Business and Interpersonal Communication CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
Storytelling with Data Badge 2023-05-02Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Using Data for Decision-Making Badge 2023-04-04Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Breaking Silos and Building Teams Badge 2023-02-07Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Building a Learning Culture Badge 2023-05-30Alverno CollegeOnline Live (synchronous)
Data Analysis CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
Data Analysis – Advanced CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
Emerging Leaders CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Any
Labor Relations CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Live (synchronous)
Train the Trainer CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Live (synchronous)
Master Trainer CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Live (synchronous)
Sports and Event Marketing (90-104-7)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
Computer Applications (90-106-5)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
Office Skills Intermediate (90-106-7)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
Office Skills Advanced (90-106-8)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
Programmer/Analyst AS/400 Technical (90-107-2)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Entrepreneurship (90-145-1)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Game Programming (90-152-5)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
IT-Full Stack Web Developer (90-152-6)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Google IT Support Professional (90-154-3)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Human Resources ManagementOpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Technical Supervisor (90-196-13)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Medication Assistant (90-543-2)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
RN Refresher I - Theory/Lab (90-543-3)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
RN Refresher II - Clinical (90-543-4)OpenGateway Technical College Hybrid
CAD Technology (90-606-4)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Drone Mapping (90-607-1)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Geographical Information Systems (90-607-2)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Integrated Manufacturing (90-620-1)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Fanuc Robot Certification (90-620-2)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Biomedical Instrumentation and Safety (90-662-2)OpenGateway Technical College Online Live (synchronous)
Introductory Industry 4.0 (90-664-1)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Advanced Manufacturing Specialist (90-664-2)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Emergency Medical Technician (30-531-3)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Advanced EMT (30-531-6)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Nursing Assistant (30-541-1)OpenGateway Technical College In-person
Elements of Structured Literacy2023-01-09Carroll University Hybrid
Dyslexia EducatorOpenCarroll University Hybrid
Certified Dyslexia InterventionistOpenCarroll University Hybrid
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Business Certificate2023-01-21Mount Mary UniversityOnline Live (synchronous)
Small Business Management Certificate2023-01-21Mount Mary UniversityOnline Live (synchronous)
User Experience - User Interface DesignOpenMilwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)Hybrid
Project Management Certificate (Competency Based)OpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Business FundamentalsOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP)Any
Health CommunicationOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP)In-person
Smart City Policy and Civic Partnerships OpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Tactical GamingOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP)In-person
Leadership OpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Data Science CertificateOpenMarquette University Hybrid
Clinical Immersion in Medical Device Design CertificateOpenMarquette University Hybrid
Systems Engineering CertificateOpenMarquette University Hybrid
Machine Learning for Engineering Professionals CertificateOpenMarquette University Hybrid
Renewable Energy Technology and Integration CertificateOpenMarquette University Hybrid
Blockchain TechnologyOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Cybersecurity Analyst IOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Data Analytics and Visualization with ExcelOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Graduate Business Foundations CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
AI for Emerging Applications CertificateOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Gerontology CertificateOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)Hybrid
Graduate Certificate in Machine Learning EngineeringOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)Hybrid
Graduate Certificate for School Business ManagersOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)In-person
Graduate Certificate in Curriculum & InstructionOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)In-person
Graduate Certificate in Business AnalyticsOpenMilwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)In-person
AI Python CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Hybrid
New Manager/Supervisor Certificate2024-04-18University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Hybrid
Grant Writing Skills CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Introductory Nonprofit CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Nonprofit ManagementOpenUniversity of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (UWM) Hybrid
Certificate in Corporate FinanceOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Certificate in Cybersecurity ManagementOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Certificate in Data AnalyticsOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Certificate in Digital Marketing and A.I.OpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Certificate in Human Resource ManagementOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Certificate in Investment AnalysisOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Certificate in Marketing StrategyOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Certificate in Project ManagementOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Certificate in School Business ManagementOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Aging and Health CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Hybrid
Diversity Leadership CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Hybrid
GIS CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)In-person
Pre-Dentistry CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)In-person
Pre-Medicine CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)In-person
Pre-Optometry CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)In-person
Pre-Veterinary Medicine CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)In-person
Professional Writing and Publishing CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Hybrid
Substance Abuse Counselor in Training (SACIT) CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Applied Behavior AnalysisOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Dyslexia and Language-Based Learning Disabilities CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Emerging Technology for Digital Learning CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Foundations of Instructional Design CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Leadership in Instructional Design and Learning Technology CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Producing Effective Learning Experiences CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Transition Specialist CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Autism Specialist CertificateOpenUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW)Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Post Master’s Certificate in Adult Gerontology - Acute Care Nurse PractitioOpenHerzing UniversityHybrid
Post Master’s Certificate in Adult Gerontology - Primary Care Nurse PractitOpenHerzing UniversityHybrid
Post Master’s Certificate in Family Nurse PractitionerOpenHerzing UniversityHybrid
Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing EducationOpenHerzing UniversityHybrid
Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing Leadership and AdministrationOpenHerzing UniversityHybrid
Post Master’s Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse PractitionerOpenHerzing UniversityHybrid
Custom Jewelry - Through Fused Glass2024-02-03Concordia University In-person
Custom Jewelry - Through Fused Glass2024-05-04Concordia University In-person
Heaven on Earth: A Study of the Book of Revelation2023-10-25Concordia University Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
The New Core of MBA2023-10-25Concordia University Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
PSY 101 - Intro to Psychology Course Preview2023-10-25Concordia University Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Faith Community/Parish Nursing and Congregational Health Ministries2024-01-01Concordia University Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Software Development Bootcamp (24 Weeks)2023-11-06Concordia University Online Live (synchronous)
UX/UI Design Bootcamp2023-11-13Concordia University Online Live (synchronous)
Digital Marketing2024-05-06Concordia University Online Live (synchronous)
Data Analytics2023-11-13Concordia University Online Live (synchronous)
Intermediate - Photoshop2024-03-09Concordia University In-person
Ignite & Inspire Leadership Conference2024-05-08Concordia University In-person
Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement2024-02-06Concordia University In-person
Artificial Intelligence and Real Ministry2024-04-09Concordia University Online Live (synchronous)
The New Core of MBA2024-01-01Concordia University Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)
Lutheranism in an Hour2024-01-01Concordia University Online Self-Paced (asynchronous)

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